Gold Jewellery Vs Gold Bars? Is buying gold bars as an investment better than buying gold ornaments?

Gold Jewellery Vs Gold Bars? Is buying gold bars as an investment better than buying gold ornaments?

What is a more promising purchase? Gold coin? Gold bar? Gold jewelry?....

A common question amongst buyers that often leaves them bewildered when it comes to making a heavy purchase especially when it comes to investing in precious metals.

Purchasing gold jewelry was and continues to be a popular option, but what about gold bars? Buying them used to be a privilege reserved for the wealthy, but it is increasingly becoming more common. But has it evolved into a more practical option? Yes, and people are starting to buy gold bars now because they are a better investment than gold jewelry. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in gold bars rather than gold jewelry.

Gold bar:

The saleability of the gold bar make it a must-have in your investment portfolio: 

Bullion purchases in the form of 24k gold ingots, gold bars & gold coins have been picking up amongst buyers, especially in UAE. Gold bars can be the right choice depending upon the buyer’s needs and purchasing power. Gold bars and coins are suitable for investors with the intention of making a resale in the foreseeable future. The value of these lustrous bricks of yellow metal largely adds to its own value due to the premium on it making it the perfect commercially viable option. On the other hand, gold coins can be the perfect purchase for buyers wanting to invest but also to hold onto the cultural, historical, or even for their coin collection or even for gifting purposes. Gold coins and bars are now available from 1g to 100g providing a wide range of options for customers. 

Purity is better guaranteed in gold bars than in ornaments:

Gold bars have a stronger guarantee of purity than ornaments because they are certified pure with 99.50 % purity. Goldsmiths, on the other hand, have a habit of mixing alloys when manufacturing jewelry, resulting in lower purity. Gold jewelry, for example, is made from 18ct or 22ct gold.

Consider this scenario as you shop for gold jewelry. Assume you purchased 500 gm of gold jewelry that is 18ct in purity. When compared to 500gms of gold bars, you have 25% less gold and must pay manufacturing charges to the goldsmith. 

Selling Jewellery can be a task:

There is no denying the fact that gold jewelry will always be one of the first options for a large group of customers, from personal choices to being a symbol of celebrating occasions, making these ornate pieces more of a customary purchase too. In contrast to gold bullion, reselling gold jewelry can be quite difficult mostly due to people having varied tastes, outdated design, and losing out on the making charge and the value of beautifully embedded stones which adds to the weight of the jewelry while purchase but is excluded on resale. 


Gold investment returns have always tracked inflation, regardless of the pace of inflation. It is an investment that, in general, exceeds inflation. Another element that supports gold investing is its liquidity; being a globally accepted metal that does not lose out its value and is the perfect instrument to get profits and hedge inflation. Investing in gold, in general, is a safer option be it jewelry or bullion pieces. The choices vary based upon the consumer’s present needs and preferences. 

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